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Canadian Atheist, February 24, 2021

Canadian Atheist Group: Churches Breaking COVID Rules Must Lose Tax-Exempt Status

In a new report on property tax exemptions for churches, the British Columbia Humanist Association points out a variety of ways that automatic provincial tax exemptions use taxpayer money to support churches who actively harm their communities. Alongside the usual suspects, they’ve singled out a new cluster of churches who’ve proven they don’t deserve taxpayer support: COVID-denialist churches who defy public health orders, putting the rest of the community at risk in the name of religious freedom.

Times Colonist, February 17, 2021

Little free libraries like 'coral reefs for community'

For Phelps Bondaroff, the free ­little libraries are about much more than books. They’re places where you can strike up a conversation with a ­stranger, meet your neighbours and make new friends. 

“I’ve always described the libraries as coral reefs for community. And so they have the potential to sort of serve as these community hubs,” he said.

Canadian Atheist, February 16, 2021

2021 Canadian Atheist Awards – Person of the year – Teale Phelps Bondaroff 

For his continued and wide-ranging work making Canada—and the world—a better, more humanist place, for his research combating Christian hegemony and furthering secularism, and for his success in making real change happen even in the usually unyielding halls of power… Dr. Teale Phelps Bondaroff, you are Canadian Atheist’s 2021 person of the year.

The Peak, February 15, 2021

AccessBC advocates for no-cost prescription contraception

When asked why no-cost prescription contraception doesn’t already exist Dr. Phelps Bondaroff said, “We see a lot of sexism inherited in a wide range of policies.” He cited an example of Canada previously taxing menstrual products until 2015. He also noted that the pink tax, which upcharges products aimed toward those with uteruses, contributes to sexism. Studies have found that items marketed to women cost at least 30 cents more than the same products marketed to men. The group claims that taboos surrounding conversation about sex have also prevented policies aimed at improving women’s reproductive health from being implemented in the past.

Commonwealth Scholarships,

February 9, 2021

Uncovering plastic pollution

Through the work of his organisation, OceansAsia, Teale Phelps Bondaroff shares findings on the impact of COVID-19 on marine plastic pollution, particularly the effect which disposable masks have had on this issue.

Saanich News, January 29, 2021

Oak Bay to phase out municipal gas leaf blowers but not residential

Teale Phelps Bondaroff, who has been petitioning in Saanich to ban gas-powered leaf blowers, and who supports the residential ban as well, called it another stall at the municipal government level in the needed steps for climate change.

“If you’re not willing to make tiny incremental changes then you’re not willing to take the big steps to fight climate change and that’s disheartening,” Phelps Bondaroff said.

eNCA South Africa, January 14, 2021

OceansAsia report says billions of masks end up in the ocean

There is a very worrying report from the environmental organization Ocean Asia who believe that more than a billion masks have ended up in the ocean in the past year, which amounts to over 6000 tonnes of plastic pollution. Gloves too are a problem. So let’s get some South African input.

NBC Philadelphia, January 14, 2021

About 1.5 Billion Face Masks Likely Polluted Our Oceans in 2020, Oceans Asia Study Finds

While masks and other protective gear are crucial in the fight against COVID-19, they can have an incredibly damaging impact on the planet. The director of research at the conservation group Oceans Asia, Teale Phelps Bondaroff, joined LX News to discuss how massive numbers of face masks have been entering our oceans since the start of the pandemic.

Victoria Buzz, January 13, 2021

400th Little Free Library installed in Greater Victoria

GVPN says they have been mapping Little Free Libraries across the CRD for the past four years as part of their Pocket Places Project.

The project helps people install their own libraries and tops up collections with books. To date, GVPN says they have helped set up nearly 50 Little Free Libraries and delivered over 19,000 books across the CRD.

Victoria News, October 14, 2020

B.C. NDPs free birth control pledge a win for equality, will pay for itself: advocates

Phelps Bondaroff said that while free contraception from the province comes with a price tag, a 2010 report from Options for Sexual Health – a organization that offers low-cost, or free, access to sexual health and gynaecological services – found that for every dollar spent on contraception, the government saves $90 on social support programs. In total, the report estimates that the government could save approximately $95 million per year with a free birth control policy.

The Hindustan Times, Sept. 26, 2020

13 times rise in quantity of sea cucumber seizures from India over five years: Study

Between January and August 2020, 11 cases were reported, 15 persons were arrested, and 9,016kg of sea cucumbers worth ₹9.58 crore (US$1.3 million) was seized. Consignments were a mix of live, processed (dry and wet), and semi-processed sea cucumbers.

“There has been a significant increase in sea cucumber poaching and smuggling in the south of India recently, with Lakshadweep and Tamil Nadu now global hot spots,” said Dr Teale Phelps Bondaroff, director of research, OceansAsia.

The Tyee, September 12, 2020

Is Free Contraception Finally Coming to BC?

Black and Phelps Bondaroff say universal no-cost contraception won’t eliminate embedded social and economic barriers to access right away, but it would help reduce stigma and open up conversations around reproductive health.

“When you make prescription contraception universally available at no cost, you are also helping with education and removing some of the stigma and barriers around discussing contraception and sexual health,” said Phelps Bondaroff. 

Hakai Magazine, July 16, 2020

When the Day’s Catch Includes Cocaine and Heroin

Vast, unpatrolled oceans provide ideal cover for these illicit activities. Even with the advent of satellite surveillance, “we don’t have the capacity to monitor the ocean as effectively as we’d like,” says Teale Phelps Bondaroff, director of research at nonprofit OceansAsia and an expert in fisheries crime who was not involved in the study. The high seas are hotspots for organized crime, as are the waters of developing countries with low enforcement capacity, he says. “Where governance is poor, crime will flourish.”

Times Colonist, July 2, 2020

Comment: Let’s reimagine our streets, and give pedestrians priority

Join us in encouraging your mayor and council to reimagine our streets and public spaces to give pedestrians priority. Let’s take this chance to re-animate our public spaces and breathe new life into our cities and towns.







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