Campaigns and Projects


Oceans Asia

Co-founder and Director of Research of a marine conservation organization combating fish crime and illegal fishing in Asia through investigation, research, and education. 

AccessBC - Campaign for Free Prescription Contraception

Co-founder and Chair of the AccessBC Campaign for free prescription contraception in British Columbia, a group dedicated to making all prescription contraception in BC universally available at no cost.

Pocket Places Project

A project of the Greater Victoria Placemaking Network (GVPN) funded by a My Great Neighbourhoods Grant from the City of Victoria. This project aims to support little free libraries across Victoria (LFL).

To date the project has mapped out 314 LFLs across the region, dropped off over 15,000 books to LFLs, helped install dozens of LFLs, and upcycled over 30 old newspaper boxes into LFLs. I am the creator and lead of this project. 

Ban Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers in Saanich

Leaf blowers contribute to noise pollution, produce excessive and dangerous exhaust emissions, and re-suspend dust, all contributing to negative health and environmental impacts. It’s time for Saanich Council to ban gas-powered leaf blowers, learn more on the petition page.


You can learn more about the 'Street Sense' air and noise pollution monitoring research project I'm working on here

House of Prayers - Research and Campaign

The Supreme Court of Canada has said that our government has a "duty of religious neutrality." Yet every day the BC Legislature begins with an MLA delivering what is often a religious and sectarian prayer. These prayers do not reflect the increasingly diverse and secular nature of our province. This project aims to end this practice in the BC Legislature.

Fair Property Tax Exemptions

Municipalities across BC grant tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars of property tax exemptions to religious organizations without accountability. Cities should apply a public benefits tests to make sure they get a fair return. I am conducting policy research supporting this campaign. 

Vancouver Island Speech and Debate

Speech and debate has had a huge impact on my life, and unfortunately, the number of school teams on Vancouver Island has plummeted in recent years. I have been working to revive school programs on the Island. This includes volunteering as the coach of the Alberni District Secondary School, and running English and French speech, debate, and model UN workshops of varying lengths in middle and high school across the island. 

Saanich Road Murals 

Road murals are placemaking elements that serve as an effective tool for increasing road safety while simultaneously encouraging creativity, the arts, and building community. This project, through the Greater Victoria Placemaking Network, seeks to introduce road murals to Saanich, and measure the effectiveness for reducing speeds and increasing road safety. 

The Sea Ranger Service

The Sea Ranger Service is the world’s first maritime ranger service. As a social enterprise it builds specially-designed sailing work ships and trains unemployed youths to become Sea Rangers. After extensive maritime training, coordinated by navy veterans, Sea Rangers are deployed to assist nations in managing Marine Protect Areas, marine research and to conserve historic ship wrecks. I have supported the Sea Ranger Service as their researcher since its foundation in 2016.


End the $2 Surcharge for Bicycles on BC Ferries

I was disappointed to learn that BC Ferries charged people an additional $2 to bring their bike on the ferry, despite a lack of adequate bike infrastructure and a need for us to be encouraging cycling. In 2017 I began pushing for this surcharge to be dropped and in the summer of 2020 BC Ferries finally dropped the surcharge. There's still much progress to be made with respect to improving cycling infrastructure leading to terminals and accommodating cyclist on vessels, but this made for a good start.

BC Provincial High School Mock Trial Competition

An annual court case simulation which gives high school students from across BC the opportunity to try a criminal case in a real court room in front of a judge. The event has been run in cooperation with the Victoria Bar Association and the Justice Education Society. I was the lead organizer of this event from 2014 to 2019.

Victoria Needs a Hillside Library - Campaign

Residents of the Hillside-Quadra, Oaklands, and North Park neighbourhoods in Victoria, BC have been without a community library branch for far too long. They deserve access to the valuable resources that a local library provides including books and other materials, meeting rooms, classes, storytime for kids, and a serving as a community hub. I served as a member of the organizing committee for this campaign. 

The Black Fish (now Fish Act)

The Black Fish is an international community united in its aim to end illegal and destructive fishing practices and safeguard a future for the plentiful species in our oceans. Its approach brings together people and the benefits of modern technology to protect the oceans through civil fisheries monitoring. I served as the lead researcher of this organization from 2013 to 2018.

Fin Fighters UK

A marine conservation organization dedicated to mobilizing and empowering local communities, citizen scientists, and campaign groups to end the destruction of habitat and species in the world’s oceans; through science, education, conservation and action! One of the major goals of Fin Fighters is to make the UK fin free by 2023. I helped found and develop the strategy of this organization.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society - Ocean Warrior

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is a marine conservation organization that uses innovative direct-action tactics to investigate, document, and take action to expose and confront illegal activities on the high seas. 


In 2015 the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society was awarded €8.3 million by the Dutch Post Code Lottery, for the purchase of a custom-build, high-speed,long-range, Antarctic patrol vessel. I was the lead author of this grant.

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