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Times Colonist, February 17, 2021

Little free libraries like 'coral reefs for community'

Teale Phelps Bondaroff spends a lot of his time thinking about books. A couple of times a week he loads up a bike trailer, which can hold up to 250 paperbacks, and pedals around town delivering books to free little libraries in need of a top-up. The weekend before last, he delivered the 20,000th book to a little library in ­Saanich as part of a placemaking ­project started in 2017.

Victoria Buzz, January 13, 2021

400th Little Free Library installed in Greater Victoria

“We have the highest documented density of little free libraries in Canada,” says Teale Phelps Bondaroff, GVPN volunteer board member and Pocket Places Project Lead.

“The 300th was installed in June of this year, and the 350th in September. It’s inspiring to see so many people transforming the city through placemaking.”

Capital Daily, December 12, 2020

Canada’s biggest community of little free libraries has only grown stronger through COVID-19

Since 2017, he’s seen both new and established book boxes join the map at a rate of about 100 a year. But this year, the growth has been unprecedented. The 300th little library opened this May, and the total is fast approaching 400 by the day.

“I can say with confidence that Victoria has the highest density of documented little libraries in Canada, possibly further afield,” said Phelps Bondaroff.

CHEK News, October 4, 2020

Little Free Libraries in Greater Victoria brings people near and far together

Teale Phelps Bondaroff of the Greater Victoria Placemaking Network says there are more than 360 Little Free Libraries scattered throughout the region. “Little Free Libraries build community. They connect people. They create a hub for folks to meet, for people to connect, and not just around books,” said Phelps Bondaroff.  “It’s around meeting folks, and talking.  And whether that’s on-line or in person, they’re absolutely magical pieces of placemaking.”

YAM Magazine, September 24, 2020

Find 350+ Little Free Libraries in Victoria B.C.

You’re driving along a residential road singing along to the radio and something bright and colourful catches your eye. It’s a little red box with ‘Give a Book, Take a Book’ stamped on the side. It’s the kind of neighbourhood feature that makes your heart feel warm and fuzzy.

These wholesome community features are what the CRD calls, ‘Little free Libraries’ – aka LFLs – and they can be found throughout the city in all shapes and sizes.

Victoria Buzz, September 10, 2020

Greater Victoria now has 350 Little Free Libraries installed throughout the region

“Whenever I’m out cycling around dropping off books to little free libraries, I meet fascinating people and fall into interesting conversations,” said Phelps Bondaroff.

“Little free libraries are not just places to pick up a book, but they help build community. These days, people realize that now, more than ever, we need points of connection in our shared public spaces.”

Victoria News, September 6, 2020

Victoria housing company donates books to local little free libraries

A Greater Victoria development company is joining forces with the Greater Victoria Placemaking Network (GVPN) to bring 300 copies of a book to the region’s little free libraries (LFL).

Over the next few weeks, Greater Victoria residents may notice copies of Happy City by Charles Montgomery appearing on the shelves of local little free libraries courtesy of Lapis Homes.

Times Colonist, June 3, 2020

300th little library puts Victoria on the map

“Each library displays their identity and their vision to make the community beautiful,” says Teale Phelps Bondaroff of the Greater Victoria Placemaking Network, which has been mapping the libraries across the CRD.

No two libraries are alike — some have angel wings, while others are shaped like giant books. There are miniature houses with cedar-shingle roofs, an old sea chest and a grand piano. Many use recycled materials — some are built of repurposed metal Times Colonist newspaper-dispensing boxes.

Peninsula News Review, May 28, 2020

Victoria’s latest little free library comes with its own benches, lighting

A small red and white book box not far from its namesake in Victoria marks the 300th little free library in the region.

The ‘Moss Rock’s Little Library’ was installed at the corner of May and Joseph streets on May 23. Built by Jim Pungente, this particular library comes with its own reading benches and two solar-powered lights to help people browse the selections.

Victoria News, April 22, 2020

Little libraries stock chalk across Greater Victoria to spread positive messages

Sidewalk chalk is in stock at little libraries across the region as the Greater Victoria Placemaking Network launches its ‘Chalk Your Block’ initiative.

The Greater Victoria Placemaking Network encourages residents of all ages to use the chalk to add inspiring images, phrases, poems, games, community knowledge or whatever helps connect residents with their neighbours.

Radio Victoria, April 20, 2020

Project #ChalkYourWalkYYJ

Dr Teale Phelps Bondaroff nous parle d’une initiative dont il est l’un des piliers #ChalkYourWalk. Lancé par Greater Victoria Placemaking Network ce mouvement à pour but d’aider à établir et maintenir des liens entre les voisins pendant cette période de distanciation sociale et pour soutenir les travailleurs en première ligne des services de santé.

CFAX 1070, August 19, 2019

This month the CRD's 250th Little Free Library was installed

I spoke with Mark Brennae about the installation of the installation of the 250th little free library in the CRD, as well as a couple of other issues I'm working on. 

Victoria News, August 18, 2019

250th Free Little Library installed in Victoria

"Little free libraries encourage imagination and spontaneity, he explained. They also provide space for “whimsy in the urban landscape,” he said. Each LFL is unique and the people who run them put their personality into the construction and upkeep."

Times Colonist, October 14, 2018

Our Community: Little library marks 200, and growing

“Little free libraries don’t just promote literacy and sharing — they transform the urban environment, serving as coral reefs for community,” says Teale Phelps Bondaroff, a board member with the Greater Victoria Placemaking Network. “Little free libraries are an excellent example of how placemaking can help build community. These used newspaper boxes make great little free libraries that people can personalize in creative ways. It is lovely to see objects that might otherwise be thrown away transformed into little community gathering places.”






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